Brendelle Acoustic Duo

Acoustic Duo

Perfect For Ceremonies, canapés & Reception
from aisle walk to farewell dance
Brendelle Acoustic Duo, comprised of Brendan Forward and Estelle Artois, is a dynamic musical partnership that has been performing together since their formation in 2017. With a passion for delivering unforgettable performances, Brendan and Estelle bring a unique blend of talent, experience, and creativity to every live music experience. With their mesmerising harmonies, soulful renditions, and expert instrumentation, Brendelle Acoustic Duo take pride in creating a lively atmosphere suitable to any occasion. Whether it’s a wedding, corporate event, or private gathering, Brendan and Estelle’s professionalism, versatility, and on-stage chemistry, the Brendelle Acoustic Duo will strive to elevate your event to new heights throught their live music.